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Stevie - 7718
I'm Offline
Carpe Diem - Seize the day!
Credit Line
Love, relationships, careers, finance, life path past, present and future.
Tarot cards Zen cards crystal ball and runes
Natural psychic medium
Fast but easy and will always listen to my guides and clients
Stevie is an outstanding clairvoyant, psychic and medium. Stevie is an extremely versatile reader with amazing validity, he will wow you! He is also a trained life coach and healer. Stevie uses cards, crystal ball or runes if a stronger connection is needed. Stevie treats each reading with compassion and will work hard to empower you to make the right choices in life. Stevie has been a platform medium all over London for many years.

Stevies roots come firmly form Ireland where his family can be traced back many generations to the Spanish Armada hence his Spanish looks. Stevie was born psychic and always knew there was something more and he has been using his ability since his Mum passed away. Stevie can be seen doing psychic services all over London and the UK. Although raised in Manchester and living in London, Stevie loves to visit Mayo in Ireland to catch up with family. Stevie also does a lot of charity work as he likes to give something back.

What do you most like about giving readings to Clear Psychics clients?

Helping people with problems and showing how life can be, if people accept change

How would you say you are typical of your star sign Capricorn?

Very earthy and being a Christmas baby I get very much into the season

What would you say to someone who thinks they may have psychic ability?

Try to develop practice listen to spirit and above all believe what you get comes from a higher power
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