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What to Expect in 2015, the Year of the Sheep
by Naomi Otley
The Chinese Year of the Sheep will arrive on February 19th, 2015.

What can we expect from this energetic shift, and how will it manifest in the psychic landscape? To answer these questions, we first must understand the year we`re in: 2014, the Year of the Horse.

The Horse is an active, freedom-loving sign. It loves to change directions, improvise and follow the wind. That`s why 2014 feels loose and liberating, if a bit unstable. Many people are having a more physical year than normal, resulting in better fitness but maybe a few achy joints. Things move quickly in everything from business to romance, and the days pass in a blink. On a global scale, tensions are high as underlying issues come to the surface. As with any Chinese Year, there are pros (progress, action) and cons (conflict, aggression) to the Year of the Horse.

Enter the Sheep, a docile and peace-loving sign. The Sheep values quiet, thoughtfulness, and harmony in all aspects of life. Where the Horse loves a good race, the Sheep seeks ways to nurture and coexist.

2015 will bring a psychic shift toward these Sheep-like traits. Think slow and steady over rough and ready. This is the beauty of the Chinese zodiac—all things are balanced in a natural cycle. The Year of the Sheep is like a soothing balm after the hard-galloping Year of the Horse.

Artistic and creative endeavors will flourish in the Year of the Sheep. Creative businesses and social causes—especially those that focus on human rights and environmental harmony—stand a great chance to make strides. Romantic connections will deepen, and friends will grow closer. This doesn`t mean we should stop making progress or struggling to realize our dreams, as we did in 2014. The coming Year of the Sheep is simply a movement back toward unity and living in the moment.

What does the Year of the Sheep hold for you? Consult our talented psychics today!

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