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Daniel Craig
by Kes Cross
With a recent string of big roles, including the new James Bond film Skyfall, Daniel Craig’s star continues to rise. But how have his astrological signs influenced his life, career and personality?

Craig was born on 2nd March 1968 under the water sign of the zodiac, Pisces, and in the Chinese year of the Monkey. To be specific, his Chinese sign is that of the Earth Monkey, setting up a polar configuration of water and earth.

Daniel Craig took to acting very early on in his life, appearing in school plays from the age of six and later joining the National Youth Theatre and studying at the Guidhall school of Music and Drama. This course in life eventually brought him to acting on television and then film, eventually reaching superstardom as the world’s best-loved spy in the films Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.

Charming and deadly

Many film critics have commented that Craig seemed to effortlessly fit into the role of James Bond, and a look at his Chinese astrological sign may shed light on his suitability for the role. Just like Ian Fleming’s superspy character, Monkeys are fiercely intelligent, charming and quick thinkers. On the negative side however, when they need to be they can be particularly crafty and dishonest, and are sometimes known for their self-centred narcissism.
Such qualities appear tailor-made for the Bond character, and are certainly apparent in Craig’s portrayal of the character as a maverick spy who walks a thin line between good and evil. They may also explain the actor’s meteoric rise to the much-prized role.  Monkeys have an immensely strong sense of self-belief - something no doubt vital to get anywhere in the film industry - and they are also known for their love of a good challenge.

As an Earth Monkey, Craig may be prone to periods of sullenness, but such individuals are also known for their good-natured ways. They are also highly methodical in their approach to everything they do and are very dependable - two qualities that are highly sought-after by directors.

As a Pisces meanwhile, the actor may in fact have been prone to shyness as a child, a characteristic that Pisceans often disguise by emulating the personalities of others. If this is the case, then an affinity for acting seems only natural for the young Craig.

Shaken, not stirred

His best known on-screen persona is famous for his success with the ladies, and Craig appears to be every bit as successful in real life, recently marrying renowned beauty and actress Rachel Weisz. But like Bond, his love-life has been anything but straightforward. The actor’s first marriage in the early ‘90s lasted for just two years, while in the intervening years he has suffered the break-up of two long-term relationships.

Pisces men are often highly romantic, and highly successful in wooing the opposite sex. They are also known for being very sensitive to their partner’s needs. But such men can also be incredibly idealistic, holding an unattainable image of perfection in their heads that their real love lives and partners cannot live up to. But if he meets a woman who can show him the same sensitivity and demonstrate an understanding and tolerance for his high-minded ways then the two can have a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.
As with Bond, Craig’s astrological makeup consists of many opposites. Such polarisation may make him unpredictable at times, but they may also complement each other in a way that generates boundless energy, creativity, and a hunger for success. And at the moment things look particularly good for the actor, with his recent marriage and the prospect of reprising his role as James bond in next year’s as yet untitled sequel.

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