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Will George Ever Settle Down?
by Kes Cross
George Clooney has been a household name since his turn as Doctor Ross in the hit medical drama ER. Since then his career has been meteoric—but his love life has been characterized by short, fleeting romances. His most recent flame, former WWE star Stacy Keibler, is now a thing of the past. Will George ever settle down? What psychic forces are at play in his love life?

Reliable and fiercely loyal

George Clooney was born on May 6th 1961, under the sign of Taurus, the bull. Taurans are renowned for being infinitely reliable and fiercely loyal, yet they can often lack sensitivity, and their innate self-indulgence can sometimes sabotage relationships. George’s Chinese sign is the Ox. Oxes are also known for being reliable and level headed, yet tend to shun the yearnings of the heart for more logical matters of the mind. As is the case with George, Oxes are immensely hard working. This leads them to great success, but often at the expense of close personal relationships.

If you think George’s film resume is impressive, his dating history reads like a who’s who of beautiful actresses and TV presenters. From 1987 to 1989 he dated actress Kelly Preston, who would later marry John Travolta. The short lived nature of this relationship can be explained by the fact that Kelly was born in the Chinese Year of the Tiger, under the western sign of Libra. Tigers and Oxes are not at all suited to romantic relationships, as both are highly egotistical. Taureans and Librans both relish harmony within relationships, but this couple were unlikely to have had much harmony.

Shortly after the split, George married actress Talia Balsam, a Pisces Boar. Pisces and Taurus are far better matches in a romantic relationship, but the Tauran traits of level-headedness and inflexibility can eventually come into conflict with the sensitive and spiritual Pisces personality. George and Talia split up in 1993 after four years of marriage.

Upset was inevitable

In the late 1990s George dated French television personality and renowned beauty, Celene Balitron. Unfortunately, like Kelly Preston, Celene was born in the year of the Tiger, and so conflict was inevitable. As a Scorpio also, trouble could have been predicted, as both Taurans and Scorpios are stubborn, and put together they often clash in a battle of wills. This relationship ended in 1999 after just three years.

Continuing to lean towards actresses and TV personalities younger than himself, George began a relationship with British television presenter Lisa Snowdon in 2000. Born in the Chinese year of the boar, Lisa may have had plenty in common with George, but it was only a matter of time before these two fell out. Boars are often highly materialistic and like to spend lots of money, and this may have come into conflict with George’s charitable ways. The relationship went on and off before eventually fizzling out.

In 2007, George began dating Sarah Larson, a Las Vegas cocktail waitress turned model, born in America but of French, Norwegian, Mongolian, Irish, Welsh and Scottish descent. But once again the cosmos was not correctly aligned. Sarah was a Sagittarius—rarely a good match for Taurus. The restless nature of Sagittarius can quickly become tedious to the slow and steady bull. The relationship ended after a year.

Second time`s a charm with Libra?

Like Kelly Preston, George`s current flame is a Libra. Stacy Keibler was born October 14th, 1979. This makes her a Sheep in the Chinese zodiac. It would be nice to report that Sheep and Ox are a fluid combination that could ease some of the tension between Taurus and Libra, but the picture turns out to be less than rosy. Sheep and Ox are opposite signs in the Chinese zodiac, and as lovers they are one of the most notoriously difficult combinations. The logical, hard-working Ox seems cold and detached to the dreamy, intuitive Sheep. In turn, the Ox will often fail to make heads or tails of the Sheep`s shy and indirect nature.

This is not to say there isn`t hope for George and Stacy—but as with Clooney`s past partners, it may be only a matter of time before cosmic differences overcome the initial attraction. If and when this happens, the sexy star will find himself in the dating game once again, looking for that elusive long-term match.

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