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Alison`s name in the world of Spirit, which has guided and influenced her throughout her life, is Earth Angel. "I work with love and have a deep awareness of the inter-connectedness of all things." In the course of developing her ... more >
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Helen is a natural healer, psychic medium and therapist. She likes to work with her clients to create awareness, clarity and understanding. " Life is never simple" and she likes to assist her clients so that you to can see your ... more >
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From the early age of six I was able to pick up on a person`s personality and see visions as to their past present and future by listening to their voice and feeling their vibration Spirit told me it was my calling in life to ... more >
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A clairvoyant/clairsentient medium, sensitive and tarot reader for many years, Loraine has believed in something beyond the tangible world from a very early age. Supported by her Spiritualist grandmother, she went on to develop ... more >
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